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New Audiobook: Lean Management Explained

The right management is crucial for lean companies. As we shall see, lean is not just a set of tools that can be applied to any situation to reap rewards. Lean management involves taking

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Learning from the Most Innovative Companies

One of the most universal truths of recent years is that “innovation excites, attracts, and profits”. I say recent years only because the frequency of innovation appears to have sped up in the past

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Fastest Growing Startups TODAY

The idea of being successful has undeniably changed in recent years, as have the ideas of being connected and informed. In our global mass media culture, where we devour pop culture icons and obsessively

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What is Lean Management

At core – lean is a business model based on the idea of customer first thinking (CFT). To open this out a little further, CFT means businesses and corporations striving to provide their end

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