My New Audiobook: Passive Income

Know right from the start that if you want to earn passive income, this does not just happen overnight. It might mean essentially that you no longer have to put that much sweat and time into work, but certainly that does not refer to the beginning of the journey, when quite the opposite is true. You have to prepare yourself if you want to switch from the traditional way of making money to the passive one. But don’t worry – if you are listening to this audiobook, it means you have already started to prepare because the preparation we are talking about is mainly related to research and documentation. What we want is to help you accomplish your objective, and what’s that objective again? To increase and improve the ways your money works for you and to build alternative and additional streams of income so you can gradually cut yourself loose from a rigid system and become financially free. It doesn’t mean that what you will take away from this book will make you wealthy instantly, but it surely means you will be better equipped to deal with the economic challenges on your way to reaching your goals – and more confident that financial freedom is something totally attainable.

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