New Book: Lean Business – Examples of Real World Lean Transformations

Lean is a business methodology that leads to astonishing results in all business sectors – from mass manufacturing to government administration. Centring on concepts developed by leading automotive manufacturer, Toyota, in the creation of the venerated Toyota Production System, lean sets out broad goals that can be adapted to improve the outlook of any organization and provides a comprehensive toolkit to aid in achieving them. It is important to understand both the vision and the tools of lean in order to properly implement a lean culture within a company; the toolkit is useless without an understanding of the purpose you are working to achieve.

Lean Business brings lean to life, providing insight into examples of real world lean transformations that have taken place over the last few decades. We will look at organizations spanning several diverse sectors of industry, all of which have implemented lean systems and cultures to reach unimagined heights of productivity, efficiency, critical acclaim and financial success.
While this book can stand alone as testament to the power of lean, it should also be taken as inspiration. Here we will show you what real companies and organizations have been able to achieve through lean. We will show you that lean can be applied to a multitude of business structures without diminishing the success of the outcome. We hope that this will whet your appetite, propelling you to find out more about how your organization can benefit from lean.