New Book: Why Strategic Plans Fail – Deadly Mistakes of Strategic Planning Explained

Careful strategic planning is paramount for organizations seeking to establish themselves in our dynamic economy. Still, even the best thought-out strategic plan will falter if employee buy-in is not supported and a thoroughly considered implementation process is not put into effect. This book casts light on these dark corners of entrepreneurship and share with you the kind of knowledge that can save you a lot of time and frustration. But most importantly, it can save you from failing in your venture.

A thoroughly prepared strategic plan is vital for reaching objectives and goals; any business depends on careful planning to be successful. Regrettably though, many individuals, groups and organizations, fall short when it comes to executing their plans. The outcome can be wasted time, cash and various missed opportunities. If a strategic plan is to be successfully implemented, one must count for a number of interrelated factors. We will address the most crucial of these in the following chapters of this book. Creative awareness of the pitfalls of strategic planning will help to circumvent organizational failure.

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